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We are dedicated to delivering premier quality assurance services, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across all scales and industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Finance, Healthcare and Technology.

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We are a trusted partner to leading tool vendors, providing strategic solutions for software quality assurance and robust security practices. Our services include thorough QA testing, secure requirements management and secure software development using the latest tools. We combine our expertise with powerful vendor technologies to drive operational excellence and enhance your software resilience against threats and vulnerabilities.


Quality Assurance Testing

Transform your software with top-tier Quality Assurance Testing. We ensure robust, secure, and reliable performance across all platforms, leveraging advanced methodologies for exceptional results.

Requirements Management

Master your project's success with our precision-focused Requirements Management. We manage software requirements, aligning projects with business goals for streamlined development.

Software Development

Realize your vision with our custom Software Development services. We create innovative, scalable software solutions, combining cutting-edge technology and agile methods for impactful results.

Automation Training

Advance with our Digital Automation Training, featuring Python. Our courses empower your team with essential automation skills, enhancing efficiency and practical application in a digital world.

Work with the right tools.

Helping your team selecting the right tools that meets your specific requirements.

Migtec & Partners

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MIGTEC delivers solutions across DevOps designed to help you increase your competitive advantage by addressing quality, security, compliance, collaboration, and speed — across the technology lifecycle.


SAST and Static Analysis for C, C++, C#, Java

Testwell CTC++

Code Coverage Tool


End-to-end application security platform


Ai-powered requirements management software


Agile Project Management and Product Development Software


Static code analysis

Development and implementation of your company quality and security standards.

Software Quality & Security

Test Process Automation.

Applying effective test automation strategies and practices.

Renewal and optimization of your legacy and current software, to extend its service life, reducing maintenance cost, with minimum disruption to your existing processes.

Software Modernisation.

"The art of making the complex to look simple"
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It's All About You

We’re here to support your digital transformation initiatives and are determined to be one of the easiest, most flexible, cost effective and responsive partners you have ever worked with.​​ We’re happy to engage with you via whichever service and/or commercial model best meets the needs of your business.

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Complete solutions.

Offering strategic consultancy engagements tailored by industries, technologies and business initiatives. Where do you want to start?

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Requirements Management
  • Software Development (DevOps)
  • Digital Automation Training
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Programming Languages: Python, Java, C#, JavaScript
  • DevOps Tools: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible
  • Database Technologies: SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • Automation Frameworks: Selenium, Appium, Robot
  • Version Control Systems: Git, SVN
  • AI & Machine Learning: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn

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MIGTEC is a Sydney-based solutions company in QA testing, requirements management and software development. We know you want more value from your partners. You want to reduce your costs and you want transformative outcomes, sooner. You need a partner that is easy to deal with and who can quickly predict, respond and drive sophisticated solutions to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

There are many digital transformation providers, but MIGTEC has the service edge that optimises how we own, enhance, design and deliver our projects. We provide deep expertise and extensive technological knowledge supported by a firmly embedded service culture that makes us easy to deal with, at every level.

You need a team you can rely on, MIGTEC Solutions won’t let you down.

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MIGTEC is an independent Australian professional services company established in 1999. We are focused on providing Technical IT solutions for Worlds’s leading organisations. MIGTEC has evolved to offer a broad spectrum of specialist IT solutions and services leveraging on automation & security as our core asset to deliver benefits realisation. We are an industry leader delivering specialised solutions and advisory in QA testing, requirements management and software development.
The technology landscape today is attuned to building powerful and memorable Digital Transformations — the enablement of which has become MIGTEC’s mission as one of Australia’s premier solution provider in automation and digital transformation, and a fitting contraction for our MIGTEC name.


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